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Centralized, multivendor provisioning and monitoring solution for Cable Services using DOCSIS Cable Modems and PacketCable™ or SIP eMTAsFEATURES
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complete, easy and rapid provisioning for HSD and Voice services


The DPS solution makes it possible to create and operate HSD and Voice services defined by an operator in the point-and-click webUI interface designed with the best user experience practice.

Designed to perform easy modification, blocking and activation of services as well as changes of service parameters, like the upload speed or max CPE allowed.

The system is compatible with any CMTS manufacturers and most cable modem vendors out-of-box.


DPS monitoring functions are gathering all RF data form all cable modems and CMTS’s running in your network.

You can perform detailed analy-sis of RF parameters from last seven days, watch trends from last year and read online data directly from cable modem and compare it with the whole upstream statistics like US SNR, FEC or amount of logged in CM.

From webUI you can access cable modem logs, perform flap-list diagnostic or compare with other devices running in the same area.